Saturday, 14 March 2009

Progress Report - 100 Push up challenge

Good news and bad from the press up challenge.

I have completed 2 weeks and at my first progress test I found the maximum number of reps had gone up from 16 to 25, not bad in 2 weeks. Now we come to the problems. That keeps me in the highest rank of routines, but I am finding it harder and harder to complete the sets with each sessions. On week 1 day 1, I could finish all the sets and achieve the minimum standard for the final effort. No I am failing to complete the 3 set.

I don't know if I should repeat a week, drop a rank or persevere. I think I'll drop a rank for the next session and see how that goes. If I don't achieve the full work out, I'll repeat the week at that level or if I do really bad, I'll repeat week 2.

Its a good challenge and pretty well organised. The only thing is I am not sure when I should fit the progress tests in.

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  1. Update: Changed my mind and tried to stay on the schedule I should be on but that was a bit of a disaster! Managed the first set and the rest was a disaster. Okay so I had been swimming, running and shifting some logs about before hand but still!

    I think I am going to go back and repeat week 2, starting Monday